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Archibald 3 : real drum feeling!
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8 June 2008

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Music ensembles have existed since long in various forms and have been termed with different names to cater to the diverse demands. The drums are an important part of a band’s percussion and group usually utilize drum sticks to produce the desired sound and music. Further, it can even be played by hands depending upon the requirement; moreover in older times, the drums held symbolic importance and were extensively used in religious ceremonies. Commonly used in therapy sessions, the drums are perceptible in nature and hence can be easily used by a wide variety of people. Archibald 3.5 enables the user to enhance the drumming experience and mix different sounds to produce effective results.

Archibald 3.5 software upon launch opens with a vivid looking interface with colorful icons placed across the screen and on the left panel are placed the sequencing and technical keys. The software is a powerful tool for creating grooves and the user can very well alter the step sequencer and edit the drum parts of virtually. The application is able to add its own realistic interpretations of patterns and scalable velocity, attack information and touch notes. As the user builds up sequences in the drumming patterns and allows using any sounds as desired and music mixing. Furthermore, the user can also create rhythmic patterns and apply new patterns and easily edit them if they don’t sound good. The software can be used in real time stage performances too with the help of computer keyboard and launch complex sequences and modulations to velocities and probabilities, and be the star of the evening.

To conclude, Archibald software definitely proves to be trend setter in band music and enhances effects in music and hence deserves a rating score of 4.5 points for its utility and stellar functionalities.

Publisher's description

Archibald is a complete and powerful tool for creating grooves. Thanks to its flexible step-sequencer, you may edit drum parts of virtually any level of complexity. Archibald is then able to add its own realistic interpretations of your patterns, putting a "human" touch to note, velocity, and attack information, according to your own taste. Archibald comes with its 260 mo sounds' bank, and may be extended with any third party sound. Also includes a 'pattern creator' and a 'Live' module, to drive Archibald on the stage... It is an ideal companion for the musician and an indispensable tool for the composer.
Version 3.5
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